12pm Blank Range

1  Cassandra Jenkins

2  Sarah Shook

3  Lauren Ruth Ward

4  Caroline Rose

5  Billy Strings

6  Ruby Boots

7  Vinyl Ranch DJ Set

8  Elijah Ocean

9  Trongone Band

10  Teddy and The Rough Riders

11 The National Reserve

12  The Lonesome Heroes

(East 6th Street)

11:15am Jenny Parrott

12pm Carson Mchone

12:45 Amanda Avery

1:30 Patrick Sweany

2:30 The Hooten Hallers

3:30 The Brother Brothers

4:30 Skyway Man

5:30 Dead Horses

6:30 The Deer

7:30 Amy LaVere & Will Sexton

8:30 The Sea, The Sea

9:30 Brother Roy

10:30 Andrea Colburn & Mud Moseley

Texas Breakfast at 11am!

Lichas MicheladaArrive early for a special Texas Breakfast!

Sixpoint Crisp Micheladas!

Licha’s Breakfast Tacos (cactus & chorizo)

 Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee by Cuvée

and Tito’s Bloody Marys! 

Sixpoint Orange Star

Limited Run Vinyl Ranch Ringer Tee! 

Snag one at Licha’s or Latchkey or online at the BGS Mercantile!



DJ Dave Wrangler from Vinyl Ranch will be spinning classic country gold from 7-8pm.

Do some two steppin’ and sip on Ranch Water specials!

(For those unfamiliarized with the Texas drink, a Ranch Water is a refreshing mix of Tito’s and Topo Chico, served with a lime)


The Eastside Doublewide!

BGS is hitching up with Licha’s next door neighbor Latchkey this year, where Billy Strings will host the very first MOSTLY STRINGS day party, commandeering the venue with a live barber shop  and carefully groomed lineup of bluegrass, old-time, and country soul. On your way out of the Cantina, stop in to get a fresh haircut and hear more artists on the 3rd stage!

Blank Range kicks off the Courtyard
with a Bloody Mary Breakfast at High Noon!

Doors at 11am.
RSVP does not guarantee admission. Arrive early to ensure entry.


 Carson McHone on the 6th St Stage at Noon


Austin songbird Jenny Parrott at 11am


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2017 Photos via The Bluegrass Situation.
BGSCountryCantina_110View the official BGS photo journal!  
(Shot by the super-awesome Laura E. Partain)

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